Will the Real Minister Please Stand Up?

Minister.  Now, here is a word that has been redefined.  It has been made into a job and a title…a noun.  I have seen it used more as a verb in the Bible.  So, what do we see as a minister these days and what is a minister supposed to be?

According to what we often see in the Church today, a minister is a licensed clergy.  It has been said, “Oh, he is the minister of our church.”, or, “Our minister says…”  We have redefined ‘minister’ to being an office and a title.  In some churches, they use the word literally as a title, such as Minister Smith.

The Bible does not distinguish minister as an office or position.  If you were to look at the word, it is synonymous with the words serve or servant.  In light of this, who qualifies as a minister?  Anyone who serves the Lord and serves others.  How do we serve the Lord? By listening to and obeying Him.  How do we serve others?  By placing their needs above our own interests.

If you love the Lord and love people, if you give your time and attention to the needs of others, if you live a life of worship to the Living God, you are a minister.  In doing these things, you minister to the Lord and you minister to people.

The word minister has been redefined by the religious and hierarchical systems which have been put in place for more than a thousand years.  We need to step away from the old religious codes and embrace what scripture has to say.  Jesus said that if we are to follow any religious practice, it should be to feed the poor and aid widows, etc.  That is, if we are to observe any rite or practice, let it be doing what He did – loving our neighbors.

Will the real minister please stand up?  Well, if this was asked at a church gathering, I would like to think that all are standing.

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One thought on “Will the Real Minister Please Stand Up?

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    Very good posting… it is so true, anyone who takes the name of Christ we are all ministers of His. The question is are we being faithful to the minstry to which we are called?

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