Hot Issues, #2

Sanctity of MarriageMarriage.  It is sacred.  It is an example of the relationship between Christ and the Church.  And now, some people want marriage between people of the same gender, while other people argue against the idea.

You would have to live under a rock, deep inside a cave, far within the forest not to have heard of all the arguments for or against gay marriage.  As it is, the Church has too often made it clear about her stance on homosexuality.  One “pastor” I used to know gave a sermon titled, “Homosexuality is a Sin!”, declaring within that message, “I believe homosexuality is the worst sin, because it breaks every one of the commandments!”

Yes he did…he really did.  He said that…out loud.  I’m ashamed to even mention it.

While I do not believe that homosexuality is part of God’s design, it is certainly not my job to make legislation against it or same-sex marriage.  To be honest, I don’t find it all that big a deal and I really don’t care if gay people want to get married.

“John, you already said what you wanted to say about abortion.  Now, you want to say that you don’t care if homosexuals want to marry each other?  Let me tell you, it makes a mockery of marriage!  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  God didn’t make Adam and Steve.  What’s next…people wanting to marry animals?”

Really?  This is your best argument?  I’ll address that whole mockery thing – I won’t dignify anything else you said, at all – it’s just stupid.  Do you really think that gay people being allowed to marry will make a mockery of marriage?  There is plenty else that makes a mockery of marriage – here is a short list:

Misogynistic husbands
Physical abuse
Mental/Emotional abuse

These are the things that destroy people and marriages.   We proclaim loudly the evils of divorce and the importance of preserving marriage, even saying how God makes marriage great.  Yet, within our own ranks the divorce rate is just as high as it is outside the Church, for the very same reasons as I listed above.  I think this makes a mockery of marriage.

I may not agree with same-sex marriage, but I do not support legislation against it.  It is not my job to attempt to force people to live according to the convictions placed upon my heart.  Legislation should not be made against what we are “uncomfortable” with.  We need to keep the laws as they should be…to protect people and their property.  Gay marriage will not harm either one of these.  As it is, God did not hire me to be His sheriff.  He left us with a simple set of instructions.

Love Him
Love your neighbor.

We need to stop sorting people, their choices, their lifestyles or their actions.  We need to stop trying to make laws of our own convictions.  We need to be Jesus for people and not be Pharisees against them.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Issues, #2

  1. askthebigot says:

    I appreciate your heart for your gay neighbor. Thank you for expressing Christ’s love to a marginalized group of people that He dearly loves.

    I would love your thoughts on this post:

    Godspeed, Friend.

    • 2btrue says:

      The points are well made, backed up with research and evidence. I cannot disagree. But, many are going to do what they want, regardless of proof and research. It is up to us to love people, regardless of how they choose to live.

  2. Jen Hurowitz says:

    Such powerful posts lately! Is the “pastor” who said the above the same pastor (or one of them) you and I both knew? Just curious.

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