Our Spiritual Future

This is something a friend included in a comment to a post on Facebook, recently.

“…I believe this election is very critical to the spiritual future of our nation.”

With all due respect to my friend (whom I dearly love and thoroughly respect), I do not see how any election has anything to do with the spiritual future of any nation.  As it is, I do not see how any nation can have anything spiritual, considering a nation is made up of many people, each one being in a different place, spiritually.  There are those who are interested in spiritual things and those who are not.  Any “spiritual future” concerns only those who are interested in spiritual things.

I do believe that the Church has a quiet, yet profound effect on a nation (such as a little salt does in food).  The condition…the spiritual condition…of the Church will affect how she functions and behaves, which is often reflected in a nation.  This is not to say that an entire nation will turn to God or become “morally acceptable”.  But, it is amazing how a nation can change, if the Church embraces and lives according the standard(s) God has set for us ( Of course, we have gone too far, trying to legislate these standards upon others).

No sitting president, king or prime minister has anything to do with anyone’s spiritual condition.  No policy or law can improve or inhibit my relationship with my Savior.  No political leader can tell me how I should live before a holy God.  I am bought by the Blood of the Lamb and no elected official can change that.  As far as I am concerned, it is always about Him Who sits on the Throne over anyone who sits in the Oval Office.

I have heard these things before, actually.  When Bill Clinton became President, people of the Church acted as if he was going to erect an altar to Satan in the West Wing.  Once George W. Bush got in office, many of the Church seemed to believe that all the “rules” they wanted would become laws for the Nation.  Well, in either case, the presumptions were misguided, at best.  We still enjoyed the same freedoms as we do now and none of our legalistic moral ideals came to law.

One interesting thing, though…for as many of the Church who were vehemently against Mr. Clinton, it was he who signed a law that prevents any property owners from turning away a church from renting their property because they were a church.

Please, pray and vote your conscience.  I have expressed my opinions concerning the words and actions of one candidate, but I think no less of anyone who decides to vote for him.  I may disagree, but I would dare not question someone’s salvation or their relationship with the Lord because they voted a certain way (Franklin Graham is way out of line for his statements about people would vote for Mr. Obama).

No matter who any of us votes for, our salvation is just as secure as before we voted.  If the person we did not desire to be in office wins the vote, our salvation is still just as secure.  We will still be able to live out the Great Commission.  We will still be allowed to live a life set-apart for Him.  The freedoms we have in this country will remain and if they didn’t, we are still saved and the Holy Spirit still reaches.  How else would the Church in China, North Korea, or the former USSR  have ever survived, if peoples’ “spiritual future” depended upon the leadership of those countries?

Again…it is about Him Who sits on the Throne, not whoever sits in the Oval Office.  We should be aware and concerned about the political and fiscal climate of our great nation, but we should be primarily focused on God and His will, living a life exemplary of the pattern and example Jesus set before us.  The President and Congress cannot prevent us from loving our neighbor or one another.  Political leadership cannot hinder us from loving God.

“Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind…love your neighbor as yourself.”  This sets the tone of our spiritual future.

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One thought on “Our Spiritual Future

  1. John,

    Wow! What a wonderfully concise and effective post!

    Our God will put into office whom He wants. Our voting (meaning actually going to a booth and casting a vote) is part of our privilege as a secular nation, but it is God our Father who selects the winner. (That’s my way of saying to folks to go ahead and vote, or not vote, but to remember it is His Sovereign choice, not our democratic machinations.)

    I’m glad I came over here from Alan Knox’s blog to read what you were up to.

    I have a King. His Name is Jesus. Presidents come and Presidents go. His Kingdom is eternal and unchanging. Pow.

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