Equality…or Equity? Part 3

God’s design for woman is shown right at the onset of creation.  Once we see the definitions and explanations of what went on in The Garden of Eden, a clearer picture should emerge as to how God views men, women and our lives together in His Kingdom.

In this installment, my friend, Mike Willingham, spells out some of the details concerning creation and circumstances surrounding the Garden.  When we see evidence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the three Persons Who are God – we begin to see how mankind was created in the image of God, in light of when He said, “Let us create man in Our image”.  These points are important, as they begin to draw a picture within the Hebrew language which also shows God’s design for man and woman.

AdamThe Garden: The Empirical Evidence
The Solid Ground of Equity fulfilling Equality
The greatest thing missed in reading and understanding the word is that translations do keep the integrity of the word, but, in doing so, the translation eliminates the patterns, or delimits them in obscurity.  English and Greek, though adequate, still miss the point to bring out the patterns. You miss that, you miss the point. The misconception of man and woman concerning this loss of equity and equality is found in the beginning. It started in the Garden. The Garden was planted on solid ground. Jesus spoke of firm foundations and soils, and grounds, didn’t He? So, it makes sense to build everything using firm ground!

This solid ground or rather empirical evidence is there, but the English language has effectively hidden it. We are going to the Hebrew and walk through the Garden, the Creation if you will, and rediscover the patterns and reveal the Creation in a way you never seen.

So in this article I will be following a pattern. I will be taking words, revealing them in the original Hebrew, show their letters, give you a short lesson on Hebrew letters, and cross reference translations and some commentaries from other noted scholars.

The Beginning: The Pattern is created and made
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Let me shorten this sentence a little so you begin to see God and His Wisdom. “In the beginning God made!” That is five words. Five. In the Hebrew language numbers are very important. They have great significance and we would be amiss if we ignore it. Five in Hebrew is the number of Grace! Isn’t that interesting? The creative energy of God is tied to Grace in these five words. That is pattern number 1.
Next pattern: The name of God in the Creation. This is very important. Because all the way until Genesis 2:3 God is referred as “Elohim”, the plurality of God. Then after the seventh day was blessed and God rested, another name of God is added. Lets move on as well as define two other important words in this passage:
1:1 In the beginning Élöhîm אֱלֹהִים created the heaven and the earth.
There are three important words or phrases here. In the beginning, God (Elohim), and Created.
Lets look at the Hebrew using Strongs Exhaustive Concordance on the matter.
God (Strong’s #430)The Hebrew word אלהים (elohiym) is the plural form of אלוה (elo’ah) literally meaning “strength” and “power” and is usually translated as God or god. The ים is the masculine plural suffix ( which is Hebrew two letters, Yud and Mem or “Hand” of “God’s concealed knowledge”) and when added to this word becomes אלהים (elohiym) which is usually translated as gods or judges as they are strong and powerful ones. But it is also commonly used for God as a name because he is “the” strong and powerful one. Lets examine this name of God in Hebrew shall we?

God is referred to as Elohim all the way to 2:3.  Then, at 2:4,  He is suddenly referred to as Yeweh Elohim.  So lets look at this name of God “Yeweh”.
יְהֹוָה Yeweh is formed of four letters. Four is the number of creation and completion. It is formed from the letters from right to left. {י Yud or Hand} ה Hai (Grace) וְ Vav (Nail) and ה Hai (Grace) So you run the word pictures together you have “God’s Grace Nails Grace”! Already we see Christ in the Creation.

Created: בּרא bara
Please note that these three Hebrew letters used for the word “created” are the first three letters of Genesis 1:1 and that Bara is also the same word that is used for “Son”. So the Son was in the Beginning!
So why is all of this base information important? Since this is the beginning of Creation, we need to see the base pattern of God and who He is. Seeing the plurality of God and the authority of God reminds us of the Trinity was not just in the beginning, but Is The Beginning, as well as the fact the Elohim is the pre-incarnate Christ! How do I know this? Remember the Word John 1:3 “All things were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made”. So all of Creation, the Garden, and Man fell under the direct hand of Elohim who ( “Speak or Spoke” אָמַר ‘amar) and (Created: בּרא bara) and (Make or Made עָשָׂה `asah)
Summary of these base words!
Elohim, Amar, Bara, Asah. (God spoke, created, and made) Isn’t that four words, which in Hebrew is the number of Completeness or Creation? You see Hebrew is distinct and you have to be careful, because when you use the right words in the text you automatically get the context.  -Michael Willingham

Now, the point to Mike’s article here, is to show the detailed tapestry within the Hebrew language, with Creation as the backdrop.  Later, we will see the unfolding of the definitions of man, woman and the relationship they are originally created for.  When we see the original design, we will also begin to see the shortcomings in the teachings, dogmas, traditions and “rules” of the Church.

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  1. As a certain pointy-eared space traveler might say, “Fascinating.” So you’re giving us the cliffhanger treatment. Fine, I’ll play along. Next!

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