Church Psychoses

When I hear or read what comes out of the mouths of Christians, I have to wonder if something shifted in their minds.  I mean, when you hold these things up against scripture, it is like some Christians have their own brand of nutty behavior.


  • One “church” believes that God does not love the whole world, as it says in John 3:16, but that He sent His Son for only those who would follow Him and adhere to certain Biblical standards.
  • One famous “preacher” said that we should keep sinners, or, those people, out of our churches, keep our kids away from them, that they are part of the enemy’s plan to ruin, or devour us.
  • I saw a video of a guy who said that he wished Bruce/Caitlin Jenner would die and go to hell.
  • A pastor I knew believed that pastors can be a covering.  That is, if you obey the pastor instead of what the Lord is telling you, by obeying the pastor, you would be covered.

We can all read and hear the rantings of men like, Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham. Men who have had a place of respect and notoriety, men who know just about any verse in the Bible you can pull up.  Yet, we can hear the most un-scriptural things come out of them.  It is a bit disappointing, really.

Perhaps we have a new strain of OCD…Obsessive Christian Demands.  They want to hold all the rules and make everyone follow them.

Maybe we are spiritually bi-polar.  One minute, praising the Name of Jesus, proclaiming His love.  A few moments later, attacking like a voracious hawk on a rat, against someone who doesn’t live like we think they should.  Some of our leadership have inspired this behavior.

The old question goes; Who is crazier?  The leader, or the follower?  Gotta wonder.

What to do, then?  We might hear something we are not sure of.  There is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking a satisfactory, true or correct answer.  The answers we seek should bear up to the scrutiny of the full counsel of scripture, God’s unconditional love and His grace.  We need to watch how Jesus did things while He was here…how He treated people, how He spoke to people, what he taught, what He said and even how He said it.

We need to do whatever it takes to get a hold of what is right and true.  Even if it takes days, months or more time to get to it.  Then, don’t be afraid to embrace what you have found – unless someone can prove you are in error.  That means, real proof, not just fancy words and circular reasoning.

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!” Gal. 1:8

Yeah, curse is a big word, here.  But, the point is, such messages should not be allowed to succeed.

If what we speak, or hear, does not center on God’s love, His grace, His plan for restoration or – I will say it – common sense or logic, we should examine it against scripture.  On that note, I have done enough of pointing out a few of our faux pas.  The next few posts, I will attempt to explain things I have been learning about love and grace…as we walk together.

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2 thoughts on “Church Psychoses

  1. You speak my language. LOVE!!!!

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