About 2btrue

I have been a Christian for more than 30 years.  I desire to explain the practical truths of scripture within proper context and definition.  I do not claim to be any sort of scholar, but I will always do my best to communicate only that which is true and correct according the full counsel of the scriptures God gave us.

I prefer to remain anonymous and unseen.  My image and name are not important.  God’s word and the knowledge of Him is far more important than anyone knowing who I am.  Whatever notoriety I may gain in this life, I would rather it not be due to my own promotion.

In recent years, I have learned much about love, grace and forgiveness – more than I had known in years previous.  I have found that many of us do not have a clear idea of these things, so I hope I can communicate effectively what the Lord has shown me.  I have seen the results and experienced the brunt of ministry which did not exercise proper love and grace.  I hope I can encourage some to avoid the pitfalls of a loveless, graceless and judgmental lifestyle or ministry.

Let us go forward, encourage one another and learn together.

5 thoughts on “About 2btrue

  1. I love this! I went for a while without my photo and then someone said it might be a comfort to other girls or women who have gone through what I did. But, I totally support and understand your anonymity! We have to tread lightly with our egos, don’t we? Thank you for sharing and for being here. This is a blessing today.

  2. Thank you Nehemiah Project for joining up with Freedomborn it is appreciated because we can share in Unity.

    I don’t think it matters if Pictures are used or Names, it’s what is in our heart that matters, I’m happy to be vulnerable for the Lord, I like to be real and open, not for self glory but for closeness to those who are like minded, in the early Church they didn’t have Blog Names but than they didn’t have cameras either, yes it’s a choice we all make when we Blog.

    Blessings – Anne.

    • Nehemiah Project says:

      Oh, and please, my name is John. I am sure I would have gotten beat up with a name like Nehemiah and Project seems like an awkward last name. 🙂

      • Thank you John for sharing your real Name, it does make Blogging more personal. John was my brothers Name but I have not seen him since I was five although I have tried many times to find him.

        This week the Name Nehemiah has been very much in my thoughts, apart from visiting and commenting on your Blog, I even woke up a few mornings ago saying it but not sure why, than you also came on my Blog and yes Thank you again for understanding about Comments and Responses.

        I read the 13 Chapters of Nehemiah but I still do not I understand why his Name has been popping up everywhere. Truly with being Dyslectic and not being able to spell I put Nehemiah as Neamier, in the Search engine, it came up as Neamier Annie and Annie is a name I’m often called, if I find the answer I will let you know John but I will return tonight to read your Posts about God’s Love and respond to them, perhaps the links would make it easier to find them but I will look for them anyway.

        Christian Love Always – Anne.

      • Nehemiah Project says:

        If you go down the list, back about 4 months ago, seven part series called Others, Before me. First one…http://wp.me/pxy7r-ZR

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