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Life in a Flash

The world was new and everything was a learning experience.  It was always an adventure to explore the woods and the brook near the house.  Before long, the day would fade and ease into rest to prepare for another day.

On another day, more growing up began to happen.  The father had a massive stroke and would spend the rest of his days in nursing homes.  That day was a hard day, but eventually went away and a new day started.

That day brought the beginning of teenage years and life with an alcoholic mother.  It was probably the worst day of all days.  It was mixed with emotions from within and from surroundings.  This day too, went to slumber and made way for a new day.

This new day brought a mix of emotions, too, as it claimed the alcoholic mother.  Was she loved?  Will she be missed?  Some ways, yes…some ways, no.  Yet, it brought a spot of hope, as the grandmother opened her home.  Another new day was just around the corner.

Meeting new friends and being called to know the Savior made the next new day something bright and beautiful.  New hope.  New life.  This was a new day.  But, even a new day must yield to the darkness and be prepared for the next day.

There was the day of the US Navy and serving aboard the USS Carl Vinson as part of the Pre-Commissioning Crew.  An exciting day full of making many friends and sailing around the world.  The day ended, of course, but there were more days to come.

A new day became Wedding Day.  A new life with a young bride.  Not really sure how this day would turn out, at first.  But, it was a good day and was followed by many more great days.

Next day, there was a son.  So small.  So new.  A son.  This was a great day.  As it faded, the next day would bring another great thing.

Another day, another son.

Another day, a daughter.

Days of cute.  Days of laughter.  Days of photos.

Another day, another daughter.  A surprise, but the best surprise ever.  What a day, that was.  That day has faded and become a new day.

This day the second son took a bride.

The day after that, there was the first grandchild.

The following day, the first son took a bride.

The next day, the first daughter took a husband.

These days were huge and wonderful, but like all days, they would fade into new days.

Grandchildren.  Good, good days.  Soft, cuddly, sweet days.

These days have started and ended and gone on to new days.  Thousands of days that went by as swiftly as only a few.

Childhood.  Adulthood. Marriage.  Children.  Children’s marriages.  Grandchildren.

Should there be more days, today will become a mere memory as did the days that have gone before.

Day starts, day continues, day fades and a new day begins.

Where did they go?  Where are they now?  What will the new ones bring?

No one really knows.

The Father knows, though.  He transcends time and space.  He holds it all.

Thank you, Lord, for these days.  Some were hard.  Some were fantastic.  All days are in your hand.